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About Puzzle Buffs

Located on the south shore of Lake Erie in Port Clinton, Ohio…"The Walleye Capital of the World", we are also the temporary headquarters of The National Puzzle Museum™ which is soon to be constructed nearby.

Our parent company is Scrambl-Gram Inc., an Ohio corporation chartered in 1978.

Scrambl-Gram is a major supplier of crossword puzzles, word games and word contests to many national publications including National Enquirer, The Star, Weekly World News, Country Weekly Magazine, PrimeStar, CableView and hundreds of newspapers in the U.S. and abroad.

Scrambl-Gram is a puzzle content provider for Yahoo!.Games and other Web sites and constructs custom, theme-relevant word puzzles, games and contests for print and electronic media, advertising agencies, education and public and private companies.

Founded in 1979, Puzzle Buffs International® (PBI) is an organization of and for dedicated puzzle enthusiasts and for the promotion of puzzles and word games that promote literacy. The PBI Newsletter, published four times each year, is available to members and non-members.

There are a number of interesting and unusual exhibits on display regarding the history, origin and development of puzzles. Visitors to our area are welcome to stop in to meet us, view the exhibits, see puzzles being made and stock up on fresh supplies of their favorite puzzle books and unique gift items especially for puzzlers.

For information about Scrambl-Gram, Inc., custom puzzles, contests, games and promotions, please contact our offices at (419) 734-2600. Information about Puzzle Buffs International® (PBI), tours of our facilities, and directions to locate us can also be obtained by calling (419) 734-2600.

Our puzzle books are familiar to millions of people who enjoy our puzzles in a variety of publications every week around the English-speaking world. Not available through national magazine distributors, our books are sold only through sales coupons appearing in national publications, our Web site, Associate Web sites or authorized retailers and affiliates.

For information on how you can become an authorized Web Associate or retailer of our unique books and products, please contact us. We are looking for discriminating associates and merchants to carry our line of superior books and specialty items for puzzle enthusiasts.

41 Park Drive, Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 734-2600
8-5pm (Eastern) Mon-Fri.


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