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Online Contest
Play our online contest.
Tip: You may have to click on the grid before entering the very first letter.

Sorry, your web browser does not support Java applets or Java is not enabled in web browser preferences. You can purchase Across Lite Software and download the puzzle as noted below.

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Weekly Contest Prizes
FIRST PRIZE $30 Gift Certificate
SECOND PRIZE $20 Gift Certificate
THIRD PRIZE $10 Gift Certificate
How to Enter

Solve our ColorCross Contest Puzzle!
  1. Unscramble letters in pink squares to find the Celebrity Scramblr and type your answer into the answer box.
  2. Submit your entry to us via the submit button. If your submission is correct fill out the entry form or try again.
  3. Only one contest entry per week per name and address.
  4. Check the Winners Circle often to see if your name appears as a winner. Winning entries are drawn weekly at random.
  5. If your name appears in the Winners Circle, contact us via e-mail to claim your prize. Prizes are gift certificates which can be redeemed for merchandise in the store. Gift certificates are sent to winners via email.

Instructions for solving the interactive ColorCross crossword on the screen.

YELLOW squares contain vowels - sometimes including Y. Other letters are in the BLUE squares. The PINK squares can represent any letter. CELEBRITY SCRAMBLER... Unscramble the letters in the PINK squares to spell the name of a star of stage, screen or television.

Puzzle grid movement

Using the keyboard:

  • The Arrow keys are the primary movement keys for moving through adjacent cells. Word direction (Across or Down) is switched automatically based on the direction of motion.
  • Tab and Shift-Tab keys move one word at a time forward and backward respectively in the current direction. Enter/Return key moves to the next word in the current direction.

Using the mouse:

  • Click and drag in the Across or Down direction (at least one cell over in that direction) to select a word for entry in the corresponding direction. Clicking on a single cell without dragging will use the current direction. You can use right mouse button (when available) or Shift/Ctrl keys in conjunction with any mouse button to switch directions. Click on any clue in the clue list to select the corresponding word.

Clue list scrolling

Click on the arrow keys next to the clue lists for quickly scrolling a clue-list a "page" at a time. Click on any clue on the clue list and drag up or down with the mouse for smaller amounts of scrolling.

Solution checking and revealing

Clicking on Check (icon at the bottom left corner) will check all letters and mark the incorrect ones only. Subsequent re-editing of cells marked as incorrect will have a black mark in the top right corner to remind you that it was checked earlier. Clicking on Reveal (icon at the bottom left corner) will reveal the complete solution and mark the incorrect ones or unfilled squares with a red mark in the top right corner.


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