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National Puzzle Museum - On Display Now

Crossword Puzzle Stamp -
Part of the Postal Services "America in the 20th Century" collection. Posted on commemorative crossword envelope and canceled on first day of issue, Feb. 3, 1998.
The Crossword Puzzle Book and Omnibus -
Copyright 1924 by Plaza Publishing, New York. Anthology of New York World crossword puzzles edited by Margaret Petherbridge. The book contains a flap on the cover for holding a pencil.
"Cross-Words Between Sweetie and Me" -
Sheet music. Copyright 1925 by Broadway Music Corp., New York. The first crossword song lamenting the loss of a love to the crossword craze.
Crossword Jigsaw -
By Onsword Ltd., England. Combining two puzzle favorites, the crossword and the jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle clues are on one side and crossword grids on the other.
Tumble Words Crossword Game -
Distributed by Kohner Bros. Inc. of New York. Lettered cubes and a plastic cup are used to form words across and down in a crossword fashion. Scoring is determined by color of cubes and number of words formed.

Scrambl-Gram, Incorporated and Puzzle Buffs International is proud to announce the opening of THE NATIONAL PUZZLE MUSEUM™. THE NATIONAL PUZZLE MUSEUM™ is presently open in a virtual form, while a facility will open to the public in Port Clinton, Ohio in the near future.

Port Clinton, known as "the Walleye Capital of the World" is located in the island region of Lake Erie just 90 miles west of Cleveland, 50 miles east of Toledo, and 125 miles north of Columbus. Each year more than 6 million visitors come to this area for the hottest walleye and small-mouth bass fishing in the world, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the National Rifle and Pistol Matches at Camp Perry and many other attractions. Our research shows this to be an ideal location for the museum.

Why a puzzle museum, you ask? Why not? Museums and halls of fame on subjects far more obscure than puzzles are in operation around the world. Every year hundreds of millions of people visit museums for enlightenment, education and entertainment in nearly every country on earth.

Did you know that:
  • The history of puzzles dates back before the time of Christ?
  • Puzzles were used in Ancient Greece and Rome for education?
  • More than 110 million people in North America solve puzzles?
  • For centuries, puzzles have been used to educate children around the world?
  • Puzzles have been used in advertising throughout recorded history?
  • Puzzles are enjoyed in nearly every country and language worldwide?
  • Queen Victoria created the double acrostic puzzle in the 1860’s?
  • Arthur Wynne invented the world’s first "word-cross" puzzles, later known as crossword puzzles, in 1913?
  • Crossword puzzles were used for espionage to get coded messages to spies and the underground in World War II?
  • Crossword puzzles nearly scuttled the invasion of Normandy on D-Day?
As you can see, puzzles have a rich history and are a significant part of our culture.
Our mission in creating the National Puzzle Museum is two-fold:
  • To show the history, origin and development of puzzles, how they mirror our culture, and the important role they have played in our lives.
  • To recognize the contributions of men and women who, by their intriguing arrangement of characters, figures, words and letters, have provided stimulation, education and entertainment for mankind.

Our Puzzles are enjoyed by millions in


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